About Us

Our firm is dedicated to understanding the complexities of our clients’ businesses and industries.



DeWitt Law’s practice is focused on insurance and ERISA litigation; labor and employment litigation; and commercial and business litigation and is committed to providing businesses both small and large, as well as individuals, the expertise and resources they need to evaluate legal issues both prior to and after the filing of a lawsuit. While most of those involved in litigation would obviously rather avoid it, it is unfortunately a fact of life in business. Sometimes lawsuits must be filed and/or defended. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, an individual or a corporation, when litigation happens you need experienced litigation counsel that understands not only trial practice, but also how to successfully navigate settlement negotiations and properly evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of each parties’ positions. We know our specific areas of practice intimately, which not only gives us an advantage as we prepare for trial but also can lead to more favorable settlements, which we advise when it is in the clients’ best interest, not to avoid trial.


We also believe that the relationship between clients and their lawyers is a partnership where both parties collaborate to achieve the best result and that requires honest and frequent communication about each matter. It requires an understanding by the outside lawyer of today’s cost pressures facing in-house counsel and a commitment to efficient, predictable and cost-effective legal solutions. DeWitt Law works closely with each client at the beginning of an engagement to develop strategies aimed at both controlling litigation costs and maximizing the potential for early resolution.


Clients also deserve a lawyer that is easily reachable and clients should feel comfortable calling anytime, including before and after “business hours” and emails and telephone calls are responded to as close to immediately as possible. While litigation is always stressful, DeWitt Law believes consistent communication can help control that stress.